Wooden interior doors

Produced from oak, ash, alder, pine, mahogany, beech and other glued wood girders.

Wooden interior doors are an important part of the interior, which will have to delight the eyes for many years and guarantee a comfortable life for you. Since old times, doors were made of wood and up to these days, they are regarded as the most enduring and having the best thermo isolation and noise isolation qualities. In our company, we offer very high quality and of various design wooden doors. These doors provide warmth and coziness to the home and severity and solidarity to any institution. We make doors of several types: wooden, veneered, of solid wood and of glass.

For the interior doors, ABLOY and EVO F-18 locks are used. At the request of the customer, the locks provided by the customer are put in as well. Doorjambs are made of both standard areas (94, 80 mm), and are widened in accordance with the thickness of the walls. Both rectangular and arch jamb options are possible. The doors are with sealing gaskets. The panel is with the overlap or without it.